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Yes the mosquito are not as bad ..

John B
Jul 14, 2018

About 4 days after the second spraying our absolutely unbearable hoard of mosquitoes has gone!!!!! Even though Ryan Vaughn is saying the mosquito meter is at a 9.

Donna W
Jul 10, 2018

The mosquitoes are still bad. They have gotten better but I wish there were fewer than what there is

Kristain L
Jul 08, 2018

Still can’t sit outside in the evenings without constant swatting at mosquitoes.

Susan S
Jun 20, 2018

So far everything is great, however, July has always been a difficult month. I feel that changing your schedule during this peak time may just solve the problem. We'll check and see in a few more weeks!

Ken R
Jun 15, 2018

We can actually go outside. We can play ball, garden, water flowers, sit outside and read, meditate, think, drink coffee. A true blessing. Thank you so much, MoJo!

Rebecca L
Jun 10, 2018

Can’t afford every 10 days. Need to change to once a month. Your product is working well enough

Brian M
Jun 10, 2018

I tell everyone I know (and even some I don't) about Mosquito Joe!

Lori M
Jun 03, 2018

Have not see a mosquito since the first treatment!

Ashley E
May 29, 2018

It’s amazing how each year gets better.

Leigh F
May 29, 2018