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The tech's that we have been dealing with since we started the service last fall have had great attitudes and work ethic and have done a very good job of servicing out 7 acres. Thanks

James C
May 06, 2019

Enjoying being outdoors in the spring and summer used to be nearly impossible because of the large mosquito population. Mosquito Joe’s treatments have eradicated the bulk of those pesky insects. We can go outside without being bothered by those pests. It’s nice to have a text from the technician the day of spraying.

Janet L
Apr 22, 2019

We hired Mosquito Joe to spray for mosquitoes and wasps. After the first spray, we literally had wasps falling dead! As for mosquitoes, they were SO BAD! I have seen only a single solitude mosquito since our first spray! Outside time is so much more enjoyable since Mosquito Joe has treated our yard. I have recommended them to several friends and family already. Thank you!!

Sara B
Apr 21, 2019

Moving back to Jonesboro, I forgot how bad the mosquitoes were. I called Mosquito Joe and they came out the very next day and sprayed around my apartment. It was an insane difference and I loved coming home to their door hanger. It showed that they came and what time they sprayed. This was so reassuring and personable! I will most definitely use them again and recommend them to all my friends! :)

Britney B
Oct 30, 2018

The two techs did a very good job, very professional, good attitudes.

James C
Aug 21, 2018

It is so nice to be able to sit outside on our patio with NO annoying mosquitoes or other bugs for that matter. We recently had construction done in our yard, the construction workers even thanked us for having Mosquito Joe spray the yard while they worked! Great job!

Tony B
Jul 26, 2018

We were very pleased with this application. The men did a good job. This morning sitting on our front porch we did have a few mosquitoes but not enough to complain about. Very pleased.

Joe P
Jul 24, 2018

About 4 days after the second spraying our absolutely unbearable hoard of mosquitoes has gone!!!!! Even though Ryan Vaughn is saying the mosquito meter is at a 9.

Donna W
Jul 10, 2018

So far everything is great, however, July has always been a difficult month. I feel that changing your schedule during this peak time may just solve the problem. We'll check and see in a few more weeks!

Ken R
Jun 15, 2018

Good last year and so far, so good this year....keep up the good work!

Wayne S
Jun 12, 2018